Roos Hoffmann is born in The Netherlands (1978). She is a multidisciplinary performance artist, working primarily with performances, public interventions, performance-videos, installations and artist books. Roos Hoffmann often invites people at a location in public space or art venues to join her performances. The performances are durational, they can last for several hours, and they have an open ending. Communication and interaction are of main importance in her work.

Roos Hoffmann was born in Harlingen, in the north of The Netherlands, and currently lives in The Hague. She graduated at the Royal Academy of Art, KABK, in The Hague (2008). Also she holds a MA degree in Philosophy of Arts and Culture, from the University of Maastricht. Her work is shown in several venues, including in The Netherlands, The U.S.A., Germany, Poland, Italy and Thailand. Roos Hoffmann is a guest lecturer, teaching Performance Art at The Royal Academy The Hague, KABK, and she was curator of several exhibitions.

Phillip Peters on the work of Roos Hoffmann:

“How can we relate to the given context, whether urban or natural-organic? The work is in fact about the question that is always recurring in art; who am I, what is my position, how do I discover and formulate my place in this world?” [1]

“The work of Roos Hoffmann offers a simple and modest possibility to (re-)realize your own place and therefore your own identity in this complex world” [2]

[1] “Hoe willen en kunnen we ons verhouden met de aangeboden orde, of die nu stedelijk of organisch-natuurlijk is? Dan gaat het werk in feite over de eeuwige vraag die kunst altijd weer in de meest verschillende gedaantes stelt: wie ben ik, wat is mijn positie, hoe ontdek en formuleer ik mijn plek in de wereld?” p.8 * Phillip Peters: Roos Hoffmann, Performances: Existentiële choreografieën. 2012

[2] Roos Hoffmanns werk biedt op een in wezen eenvoudige en bescheiden manier mogelijkheden tot het (her)overwegen van de eigen positie en daarmee de eigen identiteit in een steeds complexere wereld. p.23 * Phillip Peters: Roos Hoffmann, Performances: Existentiële choreografieën. 2012

Roos Hoffmann. Education:

2005–2008: MFA, Fine Arts, Royal Academy of Arts, KABK, The Hague, The Netherlands
1998–2003: MA, Philosophy of Arts and Culture, Faculty of Social Sciences, University Maastricht, The Netherlands

Essay on the work of Roos Hoffmann (in Dutch only):

Philip Peters, Roos Hoffmann: Performances. Existentiële choreografieën. 2012

Artist Statement // Roos Hoffmann // 

My aim as an artist is to interact with people and with social expectations at different locations. This results in site-specific work that often involves interaction with the public. In my performances I arrange people, often in a minimal way, and give them instructions to hold certain positions. This results in durational performance that last sometimes a few hours. My work is in public space as well as in art galleries. The performances are like still-lifes, with no speech, and only a minimal of movement.

The interventions or actions are partly improvised. They are based on a plan, but are determined by whatever happens at the specific moment. The instructions I give to people are limited; do not talk and do not move. It is not an order they have to obey, it is more a suggestion I offer. The individual freedom of the participant stays intact.

My aim is to create moments of reflection. I am interested in the human body and their relation to the surrounding environment. By getting visitors and public out of their routines I hope to create a new experience of their spatiality. As an artist I want to re-own the space, and determine a new way of behaving. The performances can be seen as ‘existential choreographies’. They raise questions like; who am I? What is my place in this world? And how do we relate to ‘the other’?


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